Psychic readings

What lies ahead?

Are you where you should be at the moment? Are you getting in your own way somehow? A card reading will show you what your energy is saying and what you could do to change it and get back on track. Book today and see where your at.


Access your intuition and inner wisdom. Discover what you are aligned with and what you can do to manifest your goals. Understand where you are right now and where you could be. We have over 17 years experience in reading cards.

Runcorn Wellbeing Clinic $99 per hour

Runcorn Wellbeing Clinic $60 half hour


Connecting with energies of those who have crossed over can be healing and empower you to grow and evolve into your own life with evidence that you are being backed by something greater.

Psychic Medium Reading, Runcorn Wellbeing Clinic $99 per hour

Psychic Medium Reading, Runcorn Wellbeing Clinic  $60 half hour

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